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Looks like I’ve got WP setup now; a new theme applied, which looks especially 3D on cruddy LCD’s, and I’ve imported my blog posts from to

My mail account was moved yesterday; along with DNS and web hosting.

I’m not really sure what moving my blog twice in a few months is going to do to Google. They’ll probably just get fed up and stop updating the indexes… I would!

On another front I’ve totally NOT selected a new web site editor. I’ve hacked the work of Sean McCormack into a Lightroom web engine so I should be able to export my favorite pics as a web site … sans text, of course. But that’s too simple. I need something better.

Web hosting: You get what you pay for!

Well, it’s renewal season around the ranch, and I had the most interesting experience with GoDaddy.

I renewed my domain name ( with them; the price was right, and I had no prior complaints about their dns or registration process.

After I paid, I noticed I had a ‘web hosting credit’. Huh. Neat, I guess I could use it to pay for the web hosting with them, which was also up for renewal.

So I selected my domain, and applied the credit. It said something about taking a few minutes to show up in the control panel, so off to bed I went; visions of two more years of cheap web hosting dancing in my head.

The next day I was sad to see that the hosting credit wasn’t applied to my site, but had created a new, blank site. Ugh.

So I email customer support… no dice. The reason: hosting credits can’t be used on a renewal of a web hosting package…. WTF? That has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

But lucky me, I have another hosting company for a different domain in the .ca TLD, so I emailed them:

“Hey, can you split off part of my hosting package for a second domain?”

Their answer:

“Sure, just send us the domain name and we’ll set it up. Free.”


So I did, and they did. Within the hour they had sent me the new DNS entries, and shortly after that I had instructed GoDaddy to use these new entries… and -POOF-, I was in business on the new site.

They have a self administration page, so re-creating my email address was a snap. And I ftp’d a holding page to test it out; it’s all there.

The name of this wonderful hosting company?

I pay a little more than I did at GoDaddy, but not by much, and I get full control; not like the template-based ‘WebSite Tonight’ crappus (that’s latin for ‘crap’, FYI) that I was using.

Now I just need to nail down a decent web site editor…

Photo hosting; a quick comparision

This post started an excuse to try using my account with WordPress, but I think a quick comparison of the hosting services I use might be fun.


This was my first photo hosting service, but their terms of service are kinda whacked; like having to post a link back to flickr with each image, like this:

Random Flower

Blech! I much prefer using the static flickr url so I can get the WordPress border and title; and the photo still links back to flickr, so I don’t think it’s a TOS violation.

Ever see fog outside when you wake up? Grab your camera and get out there!

Ever see fog outside when you wake up? Grab your camera and get out there!


Normally I use zenfolio; unlimited storage and very few other limits it’s my first choice. Because it’s a paid service there are no distracting advertisements and it’s really slick looking. ┬áIf you like how it looks use my referral code ‘X1V-31U-ZJR’ and get another $5.00 off the already super duper cheap annual fee.

Weird building in SF; click to see it under construction in Google Maps.

Weird building in SF; click to see it under construction in Google Maps.


I have a photobucket account that I never update, and just recently re-discovered. It looks really … plain. Ah well. I think I was going to use it as a dumping ground for family and friends type shots that I didn’t want on the same hosting service as my portfolio work. There are still a couple of shots that are worthwhile, let’s give them a whirl:

Details, details...

Details, details...

Whoa! That’s toooooo wide! That about wraps it up for photobucket… with no image resize options for blog posts, it’s out!


And apparently a lot of my older blog posts from used my account on Googles Picasa. Let’s see if mine still works:

Cold beer in a North Beach bar.

Cold beer in a North Beach bar.


Zenfolio just rocks. I have an unlimited account with them and am tickled pink that for once, I got what I paid for. Great stuff.

flickr seems to be the #1 image sharing site, and they have addressed some image-use rights questions over the years, which is good, but their requirement to provide back-links from static image URL’s is really inconvenient for some web uses. It seems ok for WordPress for now.

Picasa is owned by Google, and despite the fact that it works, I have growing fears of Google and their ‘Do no evil’ mantra that seems more and more tarnished lately. I’m not sure I want to trust them with my images.

Photobucket is just plain fugly. Hard to navigate. No image resizing. No thanks!