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Model Mayhem

I use Model Mayhem (MM for short) to find new team members for hair, makeup, stylists, and of course, models. If you’re interested in working with me, and you’re already on MM, tag or friend me and say hi.

Fair warning: Model Mayhem is a social networking site for a wide range of people with interests in all aspects of modelling and photography. While the site does have some basic ground rules and a handful of moderators, there are basically discussions and images that will (eventually) offend everybody. And I mean everybody. I don’t recommend it for anyone under 18 years old. Heck, I don’t recommend it for those over 18 that are easily offended!

Quick Start Shoots

If you aren’t on MM yet (but still want to be even after that nasty warning), I offer Quick Start Shoots to get you the kinds of great images that will get you accepted into MM and start you on your way.

These shoots are usually outdoors and one hour long from start to finish, and include 4 digital images sized for Model Mayhem. A headshot, full, 3/4, and 1/2 length images cover the basics for your MM application, and you’ll have time for a quick wardrobe or hair change. If the weather turns harsh we’ll find somewhere sheltered to shoot – and if it’s too sketchy for travel we’ll postpone.

If you’re not comfortable doing your own makeup either stop at a MAC counter, or ask if I have any make-up artists looking for test victims subjects to try new things with. If you do try your own, apply it a little heavier than normal for daytime – or about how you’d apply it for a nightclub.

Keep wardrobe simple, classic, wrinkle-free, and flattering, and apply this rule to your first shoot:

“You’ll only get offers to shoot what’s already in your portfolio”

Yes, it’s a catch-.22. That’s the way it works – I don’t make those rules.

But I do make these rules:

  • Payment for Quick Start Shoots is $100 (and includes GST), and is due at the start of the shoot; no exceptions.
  • Everyone signs model releases; this way I can blog your shoot, and you can brag to your friends!
  • Flakes (no-shows) are a Bad Thing. Less than 24hrs cancellation notice is a flake out, and it won’t help you get future work on ModelMayhem. Wasting other peoples time is very uncool, and for many this isn’t just a hobby – it’s their profession.
  • Shoots can be scheduled weekday evenings from 6pm to sunset in the spring / summer / autumn and are either in downtown Calgary (usually around Eau Claire) or in the far NW at Baker or Bowness parks.
  • Bringing a friend is fine – they make great assistants! Bringing more than one is not – crowds make great distractions.
  • Show up ready to shoot; hair, make-up, and wardrobe all take time, and it’s best done before the shoot starts so you get the most out the hour.
  • If this sounds like work, it is. But’s it’s also a lot of fun, so be ready to BRING IT! Confidence and a great attitude can make or break an image.

These are the basic rules that I also apply to my TFP shoots; if you’re on MM already you’ll recognize these as fairly common guidelines from photographers.

Still interested? Got what it takes? Contact me!

TFP for experienced models

I have a long list of shoot ideas that I need to do; if you’re on MM already, or we’ve shot together before, then hit me up and ASK about doing TFP and what you’re need for your portfolio; don’t just send an MM friend request!

These shoots are pretty specific and require that models have (or can get) the exact wardrobe, shoes, and accessories that fit them correctly. In some cases I may have a stylist, store, or supplier to help, but don’t count on it.

Scheduling is almost always weekday nights or Fridays; weekends are usually reserved for pre-booked paid shoots unless I get a cancellation.