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What is Afterexposure? A site dedicated to getting models, photographers, stylists, hair, and makeup artists recognized and working, especially when they are just starting out.

How? By giving people a chance to work and learn together on kick-ass concepts and getting portfolio-worthy images for their online or print books.

I’m Noel, and I love making killer images; it’s that simple. And when I can share that experience it’s just that much more fun. Life is just too short for crappy photography!

I may be easy-going and fun-loving, but my #1 focus is on understanding what’s important for portfolio work. Every shoot brings it’s own challenges; whether it’s creating an image that captures an idea, or doing experimental portraiture to push the boundaries of the photographic craft.

If you want unique, killer images, the next step is to contact me, and tell me what you’re looking for.

Need more inspiration? Check out my profile to see what kind of styles I like; I’m totally addicted to it!