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2010 Album Page Styles

I’ve really wanted 2010 to be the year that I refined exactly what I do and what I offer. One of the first things I set out to do was simplify my album offerings; this means I can’t be all things to all people, but I can do a really darn good job at what I choose to do. It makes the business side a LOT simpler too, which keeps prices low and accurate, because I don’t have to over-estimate (er, wildly guess) at what my costs are.


I wanted as few choices as possible that span the range of cover materials. For me that means Leather, Linen, and Handmade Paper (all in a variety of colors). The other thing I did was choose only square format albums, in 8″x8″, 10″x10″ and 12″x12″, which are fairly common sizes.

Next, I looked at what I was doing for page layouts, and how that worked with page sizes. I decided to narrow my layout choice down to two styles; classic and contemporary. Within these two styles is enough wiggle room to create something unique for each couple, but not stray so far in terms of design that it becomes cumbersome to produce.

The Classic layout has a black background, a thin white border to each image, and fairly structured image layouts. I like it because it’s going to stand the test of time and it’s not gimmicky.

The Contemporary layout is generally a white background, with a main image over a full-spread background image strip. It’s clean, and it’s me. It’s so simple that it not gimmicky either. And I’ve never seen anything like it.

To test the page styles out I ordered an inexpensive book from with some of my favourite images in these new layouts. I don’t use photobookcanada as my main album supplier, but the quality for the price is amazing, so it lets me be experimental without sweating the cost. The slideshow below contains selected spreads of a 12″x12″ 40 page Imagewrap hardcover book.

If you were asking yourself “Hey, if they are so great, why not use them for albums and pass the savings to your customers?”… there are two BIG reasons: they don’t have lie-flat pages, and it’s a press-print, not a photo print, which means they are just a bit softer looking, and I’m not sure of the long term image quality. As gift albums I think they’d be great; but not for the couples or parents albums. Have a look; I hope you like them!

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