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Jim Carrey and Guitars

One of my summer brides is having a guitarist play, and I’m really looking forward to that, photographically.

For a little inspiration I went on a Google-hunt for some music… often I see things I hear and hear things I see. It’s not like synethesia, where it’s an involuntary perceptual mis-wiring in the brain; I just get inspired by other media.

I’m often at my goofiest when I’m making sound effect-accompaniment to something I’ve seen – which my wife Sylvia just loves, but I have trouble re-creating the sounds ‘on command’ (“Oooh do that again! Hee hee”). Without seeing what inspired the sound, I don’t know how I made the sound the first time! It’s torture when she looks up at me and I can’t for the life of me remember how I did something. That’s her, below. She hates being in front of the camera, so nobody tell her she’s been blogged, m’kay?


Same deal with sounds triggering images… I often hear sounds that trigger images. Not a really special or rare gift, I think we all do, but it comes in handy if I want something interesting to shoot. Usually the sound has nothing to do with the image it creates, although the sound texture and image texture are usually in sync. So a rough sound makes a rough image, and a smooth sound makes a smooth image. Simple.

I this morning I was up early, and thought of guitars. First stop: Google, and to check out what’s up.

Like this. I has nothing to do with the images in my head, but it does pretty much cover all the bases of guitar sound.

(Oh, what does Jim Carrey have to do with this? Not much. He just reminds me of a big, walking, goofy sound effect, and Sylvia just loves that.)

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