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Putting the T back in TFP

TFP, or ‘Time For Prints’ refers to a model working for prints instead of money, and nowdays it’s sometimes called TFCD – althought even that is a little dated (where the model gets a CD), since it’s easier to just to put everything online (I use zenfolio). I still like putting finished product on CD or DVD just for the more permanent nature of the media, but that’s another post.

But back to the premise, which is a growing confusion of the terms collaboration and TFP. If TFP is meant as a form compensation acceptable to the model for their time (the magic T in TFP), then a release should be signed by the model and the photographer should be able sell the images at a later time. But I see a lot of collaborative work being done (heck, I do 99% of my work as collaborative) with no releases, and no hope of anyone getting anything published and making an income.

I think we need to transition part way back to TFP, but create a shared profit model whereby if the photographer sells an image, the model is also compensated. They can work out the percentages and the structure, and then let the machinery of stock photography work out the dollars and cents for each participant.

Any takers?

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