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A ‘N’ew Beginning

I blogged a while back about a bunch of things. Going all-in for your clients, and for yourself. Actually taking more than a passing interest in things; the whole ‘stop and smell the roses’ bit. And even about silly little notebooks. Like these:



Notice anything? Look closer. Really close. ‘N’eed a hint?

One of things that I wasn’t going to post about the Vancouver trip was a really cool little gadget; a little handheld embosser. It puts those ‘N’s on the covers of the little ‘Bamboo’ notebooks from Writersblok that I use for the album predesign notes. But I like it sooo much I can’t keep a lid on it, I just have to share. This thing is too cool!

And I won’t give it away, but I also found the free font that matches the embosser font… so that little scripty ‘N’ is going everywhere now. I already sign my emails with just ‘N.’, so this actually fits quite well with who I am. And I joked at one point about shortening my name to just ‘N’. No first name/last name. Just ‘N’. Ok, that’s a bit much…

But putting a little of yourself – even just a single letter – in every little detail really brings home what doing this means – to those around you – and to yourself. It really puts into perspective how important that little book is going to be on the wedding day.

First, a BIG shout out to John Michael Cooper – or alt-f if you prefer – about this. I saw him speak at WPPI this year and his method really fit with what I was already doing, it just took all the steps and bound them together.

It starts by listening to what’s important to the bride (and groom, if you are lucky to have one handy…) and writing it down. Ask what the flow of the day is going to be. Ask questions about the answers you get… engage yourself and imagine it, visualize it, and verbalize it to check that it fits with what the bride hopes for.

I carry these little books around with me before the wedding, and when I have a moment, over coffee or when I’m not distracted by ‘life’ I like to pull them out and go through every page. As I imagine the events I see the images that I want to make and that I know will be important to everyone. A bit of Grandmas jewellery? I wonder what moms face will look like as she pins it on… A pig roast? I wonder what those sparks will look like as they rise from the fire…better set shutter priority to 1″ for that one…

Also, today saw some clarity on another front… in getting some pricing ready I had to cut out all the non-square sizes… it was just getting too cRAzY with all the options.

Now to get some sample albums ordered…

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