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I had an idea while I was in Vancouver to shoot an entire book in a day. Not the 4 pound ‘War and Peace’ books that Taschen puts together (although I admit to owning more than a couple of them), but a little 40-50 page something-or-other.

But here is the pinch: It would be designed, shot, and published in a day.


As it turned out last Sunday wasn’t the day. But the challenge still stands.

Here is my game plan:

7:00am Go for a big breakfast. The energy output of the day will be epic.

8:00am Go for a coffee, or three. This is where the pre-design part happens. I use these notebooks and am really happy with how tough they are; one has been commuting with me for months and it looks practically new, even though it’s just paper. I picked up this four pack on the weekend, and will be giving them a try starting tomorrow.

9:00am Start shooting for the pre-designed shots. Note that the timing might need shifting if you need early / late light.

Noon-ish Finish shooting; first edit, and a bite to eat. If I had an iPad I’d probably shoot jpeg and use the camera kit to upload and edit while I was still in the field, so I could shoot more if I liked how something was going.

2:00pm Final edit; pull all the shots into Lightroom and use the new custom layouts to throw the pages together. Print as big 2 page jpeg spreads for uploading to your favourite photobook printer.

4:00pm Finished edit; start getting the album pages sorted out.

6:00pm Upload the pages as draft and go for dinner. Possibly print a proofbook.

8:00pm Finish any second guessing of the prior work and release the draft uploads to the printer.

I’m picturing this as a square format book, maybe a small softcover. If it rocks then reprint it as a large hardcover. I’ll keep you posted!

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