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Interesting time at the Glam Jam

Last night saw a packed house for the Glam Jam; I’m curious on the final head-count, but at the high point of the night it was impossible to move around much. I’m not really a big meet-and-greet kinda person, so at least that part of the venue was perfect… you pretty much couldn’t move without literally bumping into someone new.

In terms of networking photographers to models it was pretty interesting to start the same conversation with a dozen models, and the different twists and turns it takes after five minutes. I’m not terrific at reading people, so I have no idea who really liked my work and was genuinely interested in doing a shoot. Most of the new models didn’t have comp cards or contact info, so if that was you drop me a note and say hi!

But it was really nice to finally get out and meet some of the other photographers that I see online. Their work is pretty diverse so it was a chance for me to see what kind of range and quality full time pro’s have and compare it the part-timers like myself. My real reason for going was to check the local market conditions and see if Calgary can support ‘yet another photographer’. The answer is probably ‘no’, so I won’t quit my day job just yet.

I think having better connections into other industries beyond fashion is probably the key. The event might really take off if there was a day show for actual paying clients from local businesses to come by and check out what kinds of things are possible.

The other big score was meeting a few stylists and make up artists that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I think that after last night their services are going to be in HUGE demand from a lot of folks.

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