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I think one of the challenges to being a new wedding photographer, like me, is the absence of a large enough body of work that allows new clients to form an opinion of ¬†what their images might look like. Yes, I could spend ten years second-shooting, after all I love doing this, but I’m also just a tiny bit impatient to get myself out there.

One of the great things about photography, as compared to a more physical visual art like sculpture, is that it really doesn’t take as much to produce some examples that represent a range finished works in various styles.

So here are three examples; a  fresh modern, a more classic black & white, and something from the old-school; and a kitschy vintage look for fun.

The backstory to these shots is kind of interesting; this is a model from a group shoot at WPPI in Las Vegas. The group was orgainzed into an ‘indoor group’ and ‘outdoor group’, and she was supposed to be outside – except the weather turned so she came back. So while everyone inside was busy shooting the pinup model, I decided it would be way more interesting to shoot some candids and not let the moment pass me by. I only got a few minutes before the other photographers realized what was going on and descended like locusts, but I already got my shots and was a happy camper.

If you’re wondering about the name in the banner,… I’ve switched the banner before I’ve gone live with my new site. Once you put your name on something – not in the background – but right up front – you really have to be comfortable that the quality of the work is something you can be proud of. That’s my new yardstick, in fact. I’ve replaced ‘perfect’, which is a darn near impossible, time-sucking goal – with ‘excellence’.

If I’m proud of it, if it’s excellent, then I’m good.

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