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[b]ecker's Crash Course

What a ride that last two days have been! Calgary was host to Becker thanks to the efforts of Patrick Kornak, (and Svetlana, and crew) and the Saturday presentation was a blast. And so was Friday night group meet. And so was Saturday night post-event… and I’m sure that the Sunday gang is going to be just as jazzed as we were to connect with fellow photographers, hang out, and ‘get it’.

I still haven’t distilled all the info and made it part of my DNA yet. It’s still percolating – some of the practical stuff is right at the top of my conscious mind – and some is bubbling around in my sub-conscious, making those all-important associations with everything else I know and am.

But I can tell you the experience was worth it.

I think the most important lessons were those about connecting – and not just with other photographers – but with customers and vendors too. That was a biggie; and not because it was something new to the audience, everyone knows ‘networking – yeah it’s important’ – that’s NOT it. It’s more about the quality and experience of those connections that has the biggest effect.

And there was a TON of info about the mechanics of why and how he does business, but that really serves more to illustrate the underlying philosophies, and in return how those practical things enable him to deliver consistently solid value every time. Nice.

Oh, and it was (just) warm enough for us to run outside and get a real-time example of how he works with subjects – even if he only has seconds to do it.  He shot a newlywed couple for 5 or 10 minutes, and then our headshots – all 90 of us – something like 2100 images in all – in the other 20 minutes. And not once did he say ‘smile for the camera’ – he didn’t have to! Again, nice.

Here is an iPhone / thebestcamera app image of him in a race against frozen fingers:

@thebecker - work'in it

@thebecker - work'in it!

So an open call to everyone who attended – from either day – I’ll see you at the [b]school.

And if you don’t or can’t join there, keep an eye out here – there will be a group meeting in a couple of weeks – comment here or email me if you’re interested in some of this kool-aid.

… and if you are trying to place my name with a face – I’m the Pentax shooter who wore Hawaiian shirts 😉

3 Responses to “[b]ecker's Crash Course”

  1. Deanna says:

    YAY Noel! good shot of him! it was great to meet you!

  2. tonikka says:

    awesome post noel.. i so loved meeting you and look forward to meet you again one day

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