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If you are an iPhone user, and a photographer, you probably have already heard of an idea / application / book / website from Chase Jarvis called “The Best Camera“.

Overall the concept seems to borrow heavily from the Lomographic Society and their branding; lots of lomo-style images to get you fired up; lots of filters to create lomo-style images; and lots of ways to share them, right from the phone. To be fair the style isn’t owned by Lomo, and Chase Jarvis did some work in this style that was (as I understand it) well known and liked before the¬†amateur¬†craze started.

It’s got warts and growing pains, but the ability to change the order the effects filters are applied in, learn from others and how they used the filters, and get some inspiration from the constantly changing live feed on the app on the website… it makes the iPhone camera worthwhile – even my crappy 3G camera.

It’s more fiddly, with more options, so it takes longer to get a ‘finished’ shot than with Polarize, but the effects can be similar. It can also use an image from the camera roll, so you can always mix and match.

It’s not perfect (yet)… there are a few missing features from the camera app and the website…

  • The camera app doesn’t have ALL the possible controls, but the selection is good.
  • The filters that you apply don’t have individual adjustments of their effects.
  • The shutter button is small, but at least it takes the shot when you release it, not when you press it.
  • When you share an image via twitter, there is no option to add a title or description to the tweet.

The web site needs a way to find images by a specific user, I think. That might make it too flickr-like, but unless you save the images to your phone or email them to yourself (and don’t delete the emails, like I did…), you’ll lose the images forever!

But overall it’s pretty cool, and worth the $3 for it in the App Store.

An image processed with the Best Camera app. Click to see the filters applied.

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