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Pre-WPPI Insanity (and plans!)

The month before WPPI is always nuts! Gaaahhhh! So I kinda feel like Fredau looks. Except I have a beard.



I thought if I took a few minutes and blogged about it, the stress might seem less, and you might be just as excited about it as me.


First, what’s WPPI all about? WPPI is short for ‘Wedding and Portrait Photographers International’, but usually it refers to the week-longĀ annual shindig in Las Vegas, where 16,000+ of our closest friends get together for learning, networking, checking out new vendors and equipment, and the occasional margarita or late-night tattoo quest.


Simply put, WPPI is for photographers like me who take their craft seriously, but with a dose of fun when it comes to our annual re-charge before the shooting season starts.


So what’s my WPPI plan look like?


First, I’m staying at the MGM Signature again this year, but in a one bedroom this time. It’s super close to the conference center and trade show, it has suites that almost pass as real condos, so there are kitchens for early morning / late night foraging (important if you don’t want to spend 30 minutes in line at ‘Wichcraft, or eat at McD’s). And it looks super cool, so I can shoot in my suite.


I decided to not do any Plus or Master classes, and I don’t think you need to do WPPI-U more than once – all of which I did last year. So that leaves the Platform classes, the trade show, and the best off-site distractions – group shoot-outs!


I’ll need a grocery store run on the 17th after I arrive… if anyone wants to do a run to Von’s and split a cab that evening, let me know!


I’m spending part of Saturday the 18th in my room, shooting. Because the suite is so awesome I thought I’d get some mileage out of shooting some boudoir at a different location, since the Hotel Arts in Calgary is probably the single most used place here at home.


Then I’m getting down to business on Sunday the 19th with classes, and I’ll probably try and find some friends to hit up the Photographers Ignite mini-talks… these are fun, rapid-fire presentations that I’m sure will be what everyone talks about for the rest of the week.


Monday morning I shift gears and I’m shooting a styled wedding with emmajanephotography. I’ve shot with Emma before, and she goes all out to organize productive shoots with great details. The afternoon there is only time for one class, so I’ll have to choose carefully!


Tuesday I’m catching as many platform classes as I can, and at 10am I’ll be around the conference escalators with the Fast Trackers for coffee.


Wednesday morning I’m hitting up the tradeshow to see what’s new, and that afternoon I have to skip Dane Sanders platform presentation because I’m back with Emma for a Ghost Town shootout – a MASSIVE schedule foul-up on my part, because I’m missing Dane speak – but I know he’ll rock it out. Hopefully I’ll catch up with the gang after the shootout.


Thursday it’s back to school all day, which after a week of Vegas might be tough. We’ll see!


Friday I’m checking out as late as possible because my flight home isn’t until 6pm, so I’ll have time to wander around. Post-WPPI Vegas is actually depressing, so if you’re like me and trapped in Vegas, hit me up and we can talk shop until our flights home.


In between all that I’m hoping to squeeze in a few shoots of my own with friends made on past trips, but we’ll see how I hold up. Sometimes an afternoon siesta is just what the bartender ordered!

See y’all in Vegas!


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