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Getting Ready… Indoor Winter Shoots!

So much goes into making great images that it’s hard to list them all. Getting ready for a session can start weeks ahead of time, especially when there is much to coordinate; peoples schedules, including hair and make up artists, getting the style elements nailed down, and sometimes finding the right wardrobe, style elements, and equipment,  and transporting them to the shoot.


Often one of thing that is a major barrier, especially in a winter city like Calgary, is location. While I post a lot of outdoor images, and I like working outdoors when the weather is cooperates, it’s not always possible, or what clients have in mind or are comfortable with.

When it works, and all the stars line up, it really works, like it did with Miriam (above). But this week the outdoor temperatures in Alberta are between -25C to -30C (-30 to -40 with the windchill), and this bench in Prince’s Island Park looks more like the surface of the moon than  an idyllic autumn scene right now.

Add to the weather the challenges of doing hair and make-up, dealing with lighting, and the occasional curious member of the public (or meddling security guards)…. What to do?


Well, shoot in a studio, of course!


No more weather worries, far more consistently great images, storage space galore, an actual make-up station, private areas for wardrobe changes… the list goes on and on.


Starting very soon I’ll be offering shoots in my new studio space in downtown Calgary. There are a ton of details to work out before I can open, but the time savings for me is going to be a huge thing, and I’ll be able to shoot more frequently, on a consistent schedule, and at more consistent package prices.


If you’re a model and are interested in something truly creative, I have a project I’d like to discuss with you. I prefer to test out the session format and end product development using free shoots with models, before I offer it to clients as a package with set pricing. For just your time you’ll get something really beautiful and 100% unique – no other photographer is doing this – yet!


So stay tuned, and if you’re already interested, drop me an email!

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