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Ana – Sneak Peek

Ana is perfect, don’t you think? The location is perfect; a quiet spot in Kananaskis Country, which is just west of Calgary, about 30 minutes. The wardrobe is perfect; a bizarre mix of glam and First Nations (in this case ‘Indian’ might be more accurate, since it’s more Hollywood-accurate than historically accurate). Did I mention the weather was perfect; warm, just a bit of a breeze? And for most of the shoot the clouds, sun, and light were perfect.

You know what’s coming next, right? All that perfection can’t exist without some sort of karmic balance. So how could a shoot this perfect go wrong?


Lot’s of ’em! (and horseflies, ants, a deer wandered thru our ‘set’ … the only think we didn’t get was a bear!)

If they weren’t being distracting by biting, they were getting in our eyes, up our noses, and I inhaled two of the little monsters accidentally. I only coughed one out.

But Ana is a trooper, and with two different kinds of bug spray we made this crazy shoot work:


The themed part of the shoot... fun!



At the end of the shoot the sun was down (this is lit with strobes), I was packing gear up, and she was swapping her wardrobe under this blanket, trying to keep the bugs away.

In that one moment everything came together for a few last shots. But this is just a sneak peek… so you only get one! :)

The not-themed part of the shoot... also fun!


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