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Cherise – Sneak Peak

I had a spare day in Victoria, B.C. recently, and put out a last minute casting call on Model Mayhem to see if anyone was up for a shoot – and Cherise was there, and rocked it. I didn’t give much direction to her, and when I started to say something, she did what I was thinking. Either she is psychic, or I’m a Jedi. I think she is just in tune with what might work for a shot. She has a bit of a Cate Blanchett look from some angles, but not from others – and would be outstanding in print work.

The shoot went much longer than I anticipated – over 4 hours – so we had plenty of time to move around, although given the time I’d wished we had chosen to use more of the wardrobe she brought with her. We shot an epic 700+ images; not quite my record, but a few hundred too many to make any easy decisions for a blog post, or even her proof previews.

But as always, a few images stood out. The first image is actually the first frame taken during the shoot; I was intending the first segment to be shot in black and white, and a few of the subsequent images really worked well in this harsher style. These are my own proofs, to help me decide how much contrast -vs- grey tone I like, but I thought they were similar enough to post here as a group.

I’m sure I’ll post more of her later, but for now – just a peek…





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