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Alysha Part 2

More Alysha… I finally (almost) decided on the look that I wanted for these; a little warmer, and very crisp. I think it reflects the feeling of being in Las Vegas, which was much warmer than Calgary. And the late afternoon sun was really picking up a lot of color as it was passing through the dust of the desert, so it really was a warmer color than the harsher winter light that left a week earlier. I can’t wait for Calgary to warm up just a little bit more… I’ve already booked my first outdoor glamour shoot for spring!

At the end are a few shots where a gold reflector was used for fill; these are naturally much more yellow, but it suits those images.


Rather than change the color treatment of these next shots, I decided to leave them alone… the warmth of the wooden fence and

a gold reflector really changes the look, and although I could force them to look like the first shots… why?

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