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I dig it when posts pretty much write themselves. Sometimes I kinda ramble – which is the exact opposite of what a photo blog should be.

So… here is Nicole. I won’t write about how she came well prepared, or that her hubby didn’t mind one bit when I enlisted him as a ‘voice activated light stand’ for the entire shoot. And I’ve already posted a sneak peek; so here are some shots from the rest of the setups.

First, some dramatic lighting and posing. I try and shoot in a logical order; start with the most structured & planned shots, then progress to the more experimental ones. This ensures that every shoot is productive, yet everyone gets to stretch their craft a bit.


The we switch it up a bit for some pin-up shots. Nicole has the figure for it, and really blemish-free skin, so it was easy to knock out a whole bunch of these:


Back to the sofa… these were shot in my suite at the MGM Signature, and I really liked the colors from the painting. I cheated a bit here and gelled the strobe reddish. For a little interest I wanted to mix up the posing a bit.

A little tighter in on Nicole. At this point we are sacrificing the hair and makeup for fun…

Another quick change, then onto the freezing balcony. This high up and this late at night it is cold out there!

For a more edgy look to match the wardrobe I took a whole bunch of creative license with the post-processing of these…

And last, a little more range from Nicole… I really like how this actually relaxes the facial muscles and loosens up the shoot, so I think I’m going to more of this type of thing earlier in the shoots.

That’s it for now; of course we shot more (a lot more!), and who knows – I may decide to do some mini-session marathons and travel back to Vegas!

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