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Meet Lisa – A story of Luck and Vegas

If you’re keeping tabs on me, you know that I was just in Vegas for WPPI, and decided to add on a two day workshop (a WPPI Plus class) with Kay Eskridge. As it happened, the photographer I was sitting beside was Lisa Jeffries… and what a remarkable woman she is. She has a poise and grace that really sets her apart from everyone around her; if I had to peg her to a stereotype … I couldn’t. I think she’s one of those people that gets reincarnated quite often, and I convinced myself she was both a southern belle and Playboy bunny in past lives. And it doesn’t hurt that she really does have a wicked little sense of humour.

Our class was a pretty fun group; at one point we were done shooting for the morning, and some of the women photographers ended up against a big window in the MGM Conference Hall, posing as our models did (actually, hamming it up a lot, but I’ll spare you the group-hands-on-butts shot, gotta keep it classy!)

That's Lisa and Kay in the middle

Now let’s take a little diversion, since we are in Sin City, and gambling is a big deal. I’m not a gambler – but I do believe in a sort of luck, the kind you can make for yourself. It has to do with being ready, making opportunities, and then taking chances when it looks like the deck is stacked your way. But you have to know that you might jump any minute, and in what direction. Photography is much the same; it’s one thing to have the camera in your hand; but an entirely different thing to know that an amazing shot is happening right in front of you.

That’s what happened with Lisa. Right after the group image above was taken, I was standing nearer to her when she turned away from the window, toward me, just a bit, and then… wow! There was only a moment to get just one frame. This was it.

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