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Vegas – Behind the Scenes at WPPI

Ah, Vegas. If you haven’t been – go. If you have been, but not to a big convention – you’re still missing out. WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) is a really big gathering (like, 16,500 photographers), and we totally overran the MGM for the week of the party. Er, I mean ‘industry learning event’.

If you’re going to WPPI it probably means you’re successful enough to be able to celebrate by going. It’s a great reward; think limo rides, dance parties, and realizing that you’re NOT in your own hotel casino at 2am, about to get a tattoo… well that’s another story. There is a ton of learning going on during the day. This trip I decided that I had to spend some quality time on my boudoir business – although boudoir isn’t really the right name for what I do here – it’s a close enough match.

And who better to learn from than one of the leaders of the style, but Kay Eskridge – I took her two day (and three night) long Plus Class. WOW! Her, and her brand, Celebrate Sexy, has the same kind of sensibility about photographing women that I do, and Kay has the experience of building and running a very successful studio, so she has the business chops to back up what she teaches. Her photographic style is different to mine, but part of why photographers all gaggle together at these things is to learn from one another.

Right after I wrapped up Kay’s class I had a chance to finally meet and photograph Nicole. She waited an entire YEAR (since the 2010 WPPI) for our schedules to line up, and we had a blast of a shoot; multiple wardrobe changes, lots of light and poses to explore, and generally doing what could be called ‘experimental pinup’. It’s not classic 40’s pinup, it’s not roll-around-in-bedsheets boudoir, it’s more like ‘what would happen if…?’. Nicole was a terrific subject, and photographed extremely well.

So I’m going to skip the headshots and classic portraits we did, and cut right to the chase. This image really jumped out at me, so I gave it the full monty of image tweaking – just because I can, and because it’s experimental. I kinda dig it.


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