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I’ve picked up a couple of new toys lately. One is this old Yashica-D film camera; another is this blog.

The Yashica is a gem. It has a super big viewfinder – the kind you look down into, and it’s focus is razor sharp. All of the dials and knobs give a tactile experience of using a really well crafted piece of equipment. I’ll post some shots from it as soon as I get the first rolls of film developed. and I’ll also post about some of the tricks that I use to  shoot film with a camera that doesn’t even have a meter.

The other bit of news is this blog… a year ago I merged a couple of blogs together over at, but the result wasn’t what I wanted; the posts about photography, shooting models, and general geekiness didn’t fit within a business blog. It’ll take me a week or so until I sort out what posts should be in which blog; until then there are going to be a few duplicate posts in each site.

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