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I know a secret…

Well, two, actually.

On a hunch the other day I decided to hang some black fabric on either side of the model to control spill. For about 3 months I’ve been thinking that shooting in confined studio spaces that have white walls has really been crapping on my contrast levels.

The other “Ah-Ha!” moment was when lighting ratios became automatic. Not just stuff you know, but stuff you can feel. It’s weird when you realize that you can see the inverse square law with the naked eye, in real time, and then prove it with the camera.

For starters, the model above is in front of a white background. The background is lit by the teensiest of hotshoe flashes (only 2 AA batteries), plus a really dark purple gel from a freebie pack of Lee filters. And she is front-lit by an AB800 at about 1/16 power.

It’s not just the moment that you get it, but the moment that you get it and you know you get it.

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