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June TFP Shoot: Theresa

So first off; what the heck is ‘TFP’? Back in the day of film and prints it meant ‘Time for Prints’ – an arrangement between photographer and model where the model traded her time and talent for a few (hopefully) portfolio worthy images. Nowdays the definition isn’t as clear; basically if the participants – in this case myself, the model Theresa H, and make up artist Shannon Payne – all agree to the idea of the shoot, then everyone gets a few finished images. The work involved is about a thousand times less than shooting a wedding, and it gives everyone a chance to try something creative with no penalties.

For this shoot, I arrived before Shannon, so Theresa and I did a few shots while we waited. This was an evening shoot, and she already had a bit of makeup on from earlier in the day, but nothing done with her hair or wardrobe. Just Theresa.

Of course I can’t help but try some of my favourite alternate processes. Notice how her freckles disappear!

Now the fun starts, well, at least for the girls. We discuss the look a little; choose some wardrobe, and Theresa washes her face. Professional makeup takes a bit of time, but considering the dramatic change that’s about to happen, it’s worth it for this shoot.

She just snuck a peek at the back of my camera…

Still sitting in the chair, the change is dramatic:

Now it’s my turn. First, we go outside for a tight ‘safety shot’ to get dialed in. We have to work fast, because the sun has already gone down behind some buildings… so all the ‘sunlight’ is really off-camera flash.

Then we let ‘er rip!

I really like alternate treatments, especially when the subject and theme support it. Compare these first couple of images to the shots above:

Or even something that’s a bit more of a departure in terms of color and feeling:

Ok, back to normal-land, we rock out the last bit of light left…

Take a really good look at the shot below. If you’re over 35 and watched ‘Charlies Angels’, don’t you think she has a hint of Kate Jackson in her smile?

Normally when I do this I choose one or two images from the shoot to blog. But I just couldn’t choose today. In total I took about 600 shots, most in the last hour. The deciding factor on what to post was down to pose, eye position, expression, and little details.

And sometimes, like this one, I’ll choose a shot even if it breaks a few rules but still looks great!

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